Never taken a barre class at Releve before?  Here are some first time tips to help you prepare for your first class!

1- Come a little early to your first class. You do have to fill out a little bit of paperwork. You can also grab all of your supplies/equipment beforehand so you don’t feel rushed. It’s good to come in and feel relaxed and not hurried.

2- Prepare yourself to feel a little confused, and maybe even a little awkward….and that’s OK!! If you’ve never done barre, then you probably don’t know what a plié, relevé or tendu are. Give yourself time to get into the groove of things and give your body time to feel comfortable in these new positions. Do not let it discourage you – be sure to ask your instructor questions…that’s what we are here for!

3- Be sure to listen to what the instructor is saying. Barre is all about paying close attention to not only WHAT you are doing, but HOW you are doing it. Your instructor will give you instructions to focus on your muscle movements and how to be sure you’re properly engaging those muscles for maximum results! Focus more on the muscle movement rather than the actual move the instructor is telling you to do. It’s all about engaging, squeezing and contracting!

4- Your muscles will shake….and you will feel the burn! Barre is all about repetitive and small isometric movements that work your muscles to fatigue. That means it’s working! The burn and shake are always followed by stretching to relax the muscle.

5- Small movements!! Again, small and isometric….nothing big. No pressure to the joints to prevent injury. Be sure to tell your instructor about any existing injuries you may have. Most barre movements have modifications that we can offer you. Be sure to listen to your body and take that small break if you need to.

6- Results!!! You will see results! Stick with it and you WILL notice a difference. The recommended number of classes to take a week is 3 or more, but something is better than nothing so don’t opt out if you can only come 1-2 times per week.

7- HAVE FUN! Don’t worry about how high you can kick your legs or if you can bend over and reach your toes. Everyone is at their own level and everyone has been a newbie at one point. Embrace it.